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    Please join us for a Christian Heritage zoom webinar


    Sanctifying Reason: Isaac Watts as Enlightenment Hymn-Writer


    Dr Graham Beynon


    Friday, 9th of October at 7:30pm BST (2:30pm EDT)


    The Enlightenment extolled the role of reason but where did that leave the Christian faith? Isaac Watts responded to this challenge defending a faith that was both reasonable and above reason. We will examine his arguments and how they appear most famously in his hymns.


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Round Church Visitor Centre

The Round Church Visitor Centre has reopened!


In October, we are open on Fridays (10am-4.30pm), Saturdays (10am-4.30pm) and Sundays (12.30-4.30pm). Guided Walks run from the Round Church every Friday (2.15pm), Saturday (1pm and 2.15pm) and Sunday (2.15pm).

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Step Into Cambridge’s History

The Cambridge Story Exhibition

The Cambridge Story is a 12-panel journey from Roman times to the present which aims to set Cambridge in context, giving you access to the greatest minds and movements which have shaped Britain over two millennia.


Highlighting the dynamic influence of Christianity on the cultural, political and intellectual history of the West, this is an exhibition which unveils the big picture, while keeping Cambridge in focus as a key centre of dramatic societal changes. Join us at the Round Church Visitor Centre for this enriching learning experience.

‘Saints & Scholars’ Film

With 31 colleges, 800 years of history, hundreds of thousands of graduates, many of whom have gone on to change the world, how could the story of the University of Cambridge possibly fit into a 23-minute video?


Come along to the Round Church Visitor Centre to find out how we did it, and meet some of the most significant thinkers of the last few centuries.

History of the Round Church

Modelled on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Round Church was built by crusaders in the 12th century. A city landmark long before the formation of the university, the church has stood as a witness to the Christian faith for nearly 900 years of Cambridge history.

Stunning 12th-century architecture

One of Cambridge’s most iconic buildings, the Round Church was constructed c. 1130 and predates the university by 75 years. The church’s imposing Norman architecture, marked by thick pillars and rounded arches, is complemented by stunning stained glass windows, fascinating stone faces, beautiful 15th century carved wooden angels, Victorian tiles, and much more.


Stop by the Round Church Visitor Centre and explore a unique part of Cambridge’s history!

Opening Times
Visitor Centre:

Friday-Saturday 10am – 4.30pm (last entrance)

Sunday 12.30pm – 4.30pm (last entrance)


Guided Walks:

Friday (2.15pm), Saturday (1pm and 2.15pm) and Sunday (2.15pm)

Entrance Fees
  • £3.50 – Standard Entrance
  • £1.00 – Teenagers and Students
  • FREE – Cambridge residents (CB1–CB5), Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin students and children under 12
  • Discounts available for groups of 10 or more

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Guided Walks