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    Lessons from the Life of a Scholar: C. S. Lewis and His Legacy

    7:00 pmDr Jacqueline Glenny | The Round Church, Cambridge

    Best known for his seven-book series, the Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis was a scholar and writer of exceptional ability. Today, however, the scale and variety of his contributions to literature and thought are often obscured. Dr Jacqueline Glenny will introduce us afresh to a man and a mind of enduring influence who had a deep connection to Cambridge.


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Living in the Machine: The Anxiety of Modernity

Living in the Machine: The Anxiety of Modernity

The ‘Anxiety of Modernity’ isn’t a far-off, abstract concept. Rather, it is something that each of us deals with on a daily basis. Andrew Fellows addresses the topic of Modernity and discusses what the Bible says about how we should approach life in the modern age.



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