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Join us in person in the Round Church or by livestream

Join us in person in the Round Church or by livestream

The Doctrine of God for a Self-Obsessed Age


Part III: The God Who Loves Himself (But is Not a Narcissist)


with Andrew Fellows



Monday, November 8th at 7:30pm GMT


The German philosopher Nietzsche predicted that the ‘death of God’ would lead to a culture of emptiness.  That has transpired and our voided age needs God. But which God? In this lecture series Andrew Fellows argues that the antidote is a deep engagement with the true and living God and that He alone is the way back to reality, stability, and true happiness.


Because of His own Divine perfections God of necessity has a total regard and love for Himself. But doesn’t that make Him a narcissist? In this lecture we will see how God’s satisfaction and rest in Himself is the real foundation for our happiness.


We hope you will consider joining us in person in the Round Church for this talk! If you are unable to come in person, you are very welcome to watch the livestream using the link below.


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