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Join us for a Christian Heritage zoom webinar

Join us for a Christian Heritage zoom webinar

Is Having Children Morally Wrong? (Moot Points)


with Professor David Benatar, Dr Matthew Lee Anderson and Dr Jon Thompson


Monday, June 7th at 7:30pm BST


We tend to think that bringing a child into the world is a good thing – something to be celebrated, in fact. This assumption is challenged by Antinatalism, an ethical stance which is increasing in popularity. Antinatalists argue that procreation is in itself morally wrong, and should therefore be abandoned. A key voice in this debate is Professor David Benatar, whose book Better Never to Have Been advances the idea that coming into existence is always a serious harm. In this Moot Point event, Prof. Benatar will interact with Christian ethicist Dr. Matthew Lee Anderson, discussing the arguments for and against Antinatalism, and whether and how the Christian faith addresses this most profound of human questions – whether we should continue to exist. A live Q and A session will follow the main discussion.


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