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Join us for a Christian Heritage zoom event

Join us for a Christian Heritage zoom event

The Death of Death:

How Easter Changes Everything


with Dr Gary Habermas


Monday, March 29th at 7:30pm BST


At the heart of Christianity is a claim with wild implications: that the Son of God, Jesus Christ, was put to death at the hands of Roman soldiers and yet, less than 72 hours later, was alive again. The wild implications: that he really was who he claimed to be, and that his resurrection resoundingly defeated death, giving hope of our own resurrection to come. We put faith in many things to prolong our lives – vaccines, tofu, kombucha – and yet still have not found a way to defeat what the Bible calls ‘the last enemy’, death itself. Could it be that the Easter Story has something to say to a society striving for eternity?


After a presentation from Dr Habermas, there will be the opportunity for discussion and Q and A.


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