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Deciphering the Round Church

Deciphering the Round Church talk flyer

Deciphering the Round Church

The Round Church is one of Cambridge’s oldest and best-known buildings. It predates the University by almost a century. It is one of only four round churches still standing in the UK. It has been much loved and discussed by poets, preachers, antiquarians, and journalists down the centuries. And yet so much about its past remains a mystery.


Debunking some popular stories about wandering Knights Templar, this talk, in the beautiful setting of the Round Church itself, will uncover the far more fascinating truths that lay behind this amazing building. It will look at the foundation of the church in the early decades of the twelfth century and some of the ideas which led its founders to make it round. This is a great opportunity to enter the world of the early middle ages and also to find out more about life in Cambridge a century before the first students arrived.

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