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Christian Heritage Webinar: Camus, Christ and COVID-19

‘The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the most eminent people of past centuries.’
– René Descartes*

Reading great literature is like peering into a limitless reservoir of human experience, unlocking with each turn of the page ideas and perspectives that lend clarity to our own thoughts. We read to make sense of ourselves and others and, especially during a moment of global uncertainty and pandemic, we read to make sense of our unpredictable world.

In this Christian Heritage webinar, Dr Chris Watkin (Senior Lecturer, French Studies, Monash University) and Kevin Moss (PhD Candidate in Intellectual History) discuss what we can learn from Albert Camus’ seminal work, The Plague, and especially how these lessons coalesce with a Christian worldview.

For further reading and resources, please visit Chris’ website here and Kevin’s blog here.



*Discourse on Method and Related Writings

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