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    Making Sin Plausible to Atheists and Secularists

    7:00 pmAndrew Fellows | The Round Church, Cambridge

    In sharing the gospel, we sometimes forget that the message of sin against a holy God is totally implausible to many people today. As the reality of sin is integral to the meaning of the gospel of forgiveness, we are required to make sense of it. While exploring the barriers to accepting sin, this talk looks at how we can expose its reality.


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At a time of increasing turbulence in global finance markets, Capitalism is under growing scrutiny. There is widespread discontent with corporate structures associated with manipulation of markets, widening pay differentials, investor short-termism and unfair treatment of small suppliers. So how can Capitalism be transformed from a Christian perspective without throwing out the ‘baby’ of free enterprise with the ‘bathwater’ of these systemic malfunctions?   [embed]https://roundchurchcambridge.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/12151943/rushworth-and-schluter-transforming-capitalism-from-within.mp3[/embed]...