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    Lessons from the Life of a Scholar: C. S. Lewis and His Legacy

    7:00 pmDr Jacqueline Glenny | The Round Church, Cambridge

    Best known for his seven-book series, the Chronicles of Narnia, C. S. Lewis was a scholar and writer of exceptional ability. Today, however, the scale and variety of his contributions to literature and thought are often obscured. Dr Jacqueline Glenny will introduce us afresh to a man and a mind of enduring influence who had a deep connection to Cambridge.


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Not Enough Evidence? Why God Hides

Not Enough Evidence? Why God Hides

Bertrand Russell comments that ‘evidence is not enough’ for the existence of God. This talk argues that the ‘hiddenness’ of God is not something to be apologetically defended. In terms of who God is, He must hide in order to be true to Himself.



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