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    Join us for a Christian Heritage zoom webinar


    'What a Piece of Work is Man':

    A View from the Outside


    with Andrew Fellows


    Friday, October 30th at 7:30pm GMT (3:30pm EDT)


    Part 3 of 8 in our 'Humanity Matters: Re-enchanting Homo Sapiens' series of webinars.


    The sheer range of human capacities is astonishing, even awe-inspiring. How do we account for them all? Today, we are used to explaining human talents reductively, boiling them down quickly to something more basic. This session will beat a path towards an understanding of our humanity which elevates us, even as it grounds us in created reality.


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October 2020

Adrian works with Pilgrims & Prophets Christian Heritage Tours and Bassetlaw Christian Heritage to promote interest in the Christian history of Lincs and Notts. His most recent book, Restless Souls, Pilgrim Roots, tells the story of the Christian faith in these two counties. The year 2020 was meant to be the big commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower but Covid had other ideas, and so the mass events and supposed millions of American tourists have never happened. This is not to say that nothing has happened. What has filled the void is a host of people who have used the occasion to float their own ideas with little regard to the motivating issues of Christian faith and worship that caused Carver, Brewster, Bradford et al to set sail in the first place. Various places in England have jostled for the dubious position of being the most ‘significant’ in the story, and various causes have shouted themselves hoarse to turn the Mayflower story to suit their own purposes. Issues like the persecution of Native Americans and Slavery have been thrown into the mix (somewhat illogically, as they came later) whilst in America there is always controversy to be...

  What are we? The answer we give to this question either grounds our nobility as humans or points to what Darwin called our ‘lowly origin’. In this first session of Christian Heritage's 'Humanity Matters' webinar series, Andrew Fellows examines various contemporary accounts of what it means to be human and contrasts them with one that truly ennobles us.   ...

  Isaac Watts lived through a time of collision between traditional Christian faith and the forces of 'Enlightenment'. How he engaged with, critiqued and adapted to the veneration of reason is fascinating and still instructive. In this webinar, Dr Graham Beynon, Watts scholar and pastor, profiles this fascinating man, his thought and his times.   ...