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    Making Sin Plausible to Atheists and Secularists

    7:00 pmAndrew Fellows | The Round Church, Cambridge

    In sharing the gospel, we sometimes forget that the message of sin against a holy God is totally implausible to many people today. As the reality of sin is integral to the meaning of the gospel of forgiveness, we are required to make sense of it. While exploring the barriers to accepting sin, this talk looks at how we can expose its reality.


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The Plausibility Project

Project Abstract

How do things occupy or leave ‘the realm of possibility’? How is it that some ideas and beliefs are plausible and others are not? An idea or belief’s plausibility is tightly bound to the unique philosophical foundations of the cultural moment in question; to what sociologist Peter Berger refers to as ‘plausibility structures’. This project seeks to explore what plausibility is, how plausibility operates, and how past and present cultures, with their unique ‘plausibility structures’, have received and responded to the Christian worldview in such different ways.

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Jon Thompson portrait
Who Wants to Live Forever? The Problems and Prospects of Immortality

If you could live forever, would you want to? At first glance it seems an easy question. But wouldn’t such an existence become utterly boring? Assuming one would desire immortality, are there any reasons to hope for it? In this Round Church Talk, Jon Thompson draws on philosophy, poetry and art to explore these questions and possible answers.


27/01/2017Round Church Talks jon-thompsonround-church-talks
Andrew Fellows portrait
The Department of Supreme Happiness

Everyone aspires to be happy. This Round Church Talk looks at what happiness is and provides a brief history of happiness, examining ancient, Enlightenment and modern prescriptions for the satisfied life.


25/11/2016Round Church Talks andrew-fellowsround-church-talks
Andrew Fellows portrait
Not Enough Evidence? Why God Hides

Bertrand Russell comments that ‘evidence is not enough’ for the existence of God. This talk argues that the ‘hiddenness’ of God is not something to be apologetically defended. In terms of who God is, He must hide in order to be true to Himself.


26/02/2016Round Church Talks andrew-fellowsround-church-talks
God in the Brain: Is Belief an Accident of Human Neuropsychology?

Glynn Harrison, Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Bristol, discusses the relationship between functions of the brain and spiritual experience.


04/12/2015Round Church Talks glynn-harrisonround-church-talks
Andrew Fellows portrait
Living in the Machine: The Anxiety of Modernity

The ‘Anxiety of Modernity’ isn’t a far-off, abstract concept. Rather, it is something that each of us deals with on a daily basis. Andrew Fellows addresses the topic of Modernity and discusses what the Bible says about how we should approach life in the modern age.


06/11/2015Round Church Talks andrew-fellowsround-church-talks
Greg Jesson portrait
The Problem of Love: It’s More Serious than the Problem of Lust

Philosopher Greg Jesson (Luther College, USA) argues that love teaches us more about objective reality than just about anything else.


29/01/2015Round Church Talks greg-jessonround-church-talks
The Reason for God – There Can’t Be Just One True Religion, Discussion

A 30 minute discussion period.


14/02/2010Round Church Talks chris-watkinround-church-talks
The Reason for God – There Can’t Be Just One True Religion

Chris Watkin speaks on the belief that there can’t be just one true religion.


14/02/2010Round Church Talks chris-watkinround-church-talks
The Reason for God – Science Has Disproved Christianity

Alistair Donald speaks on the belief that science has disproved Christianity.


14/02/2010Round Church Talks alistair-donaldround-church-talks
Vishal Mangalwadi portrait
The Real Problem with Western Secular Humanism

Vishal Mangalwadi exposes the ideological problems latent within western secularism today. From the series, ‘Civilisations in Conflict – Why?’


11/08/2004Round Church Talks vishal-mangalwadiround-church-talks