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    Becoming Modern: Recreating Past, Present and Future

    7:00 pmProfessor Meic Pearse | The Round Church, Cambridge

    Modernization – leaving the village for the cities; industrialization; working outside the home rather than in it; individualism and the severing of community ties – has been the defining human experience of the past two and a half centuries. This has had profound consequences for our sense of identity, and has opened the door to the rise of modern ideologies: secular metanarratives that claim meta-explanatory powers. It has also transformed what the past means for ordinary people – with consequences for how we view the present and the future. This lecture will explore some of the more important challenges this presents for a coherent, Christian view of the world, and of ourselves.


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The Abolition Project

Project Abstract

From discussions about Artificial Intelligence, genetic engineering and transhumanism, to the sanctity of life and issues around modern-day slavery, the way we think about what it is to be human has profound and far-reaching implications. Today, our society’s embrace of two incompatible philosophies, naturalism and secular humanism, pulls us between seeing the human person as a biological machine with no ultimate purpose, on the one hand, and a demi-god capable of ruling without limits on the other. Into this context, the Abolition Project aims to engage contemporary thought about the human person with a comprehensive biblical anthropology.

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Transhumanism: Eternity in Their Hearts and a Chip in Their Shoulder

If the mortal coil were updated to fibre optic cable, would we have to shuffle off it? Welcome to Gnosticism 2.0, where the positively retro fear of mortality and disdain for physical bodies collides with techno-determinism. In this Round Church Talk, Florence Gildea explores the religiosity of transhumanism and explains why Jesus will probably not be ‘coming with the iCloud’.


18/05/2018Round Church Talks
Jonathan Linebaugh portrait
I’m Not Me: Shame and the Self with St Paul

Is there any good news for the suffering self? For Brené Brown, Houston based ‘vulnerability researcher’ and TED Talk phenomenon, empathy – vulnerability meeting vulnerability – is the only antidote. But Bob Dylan finds something else to say: ‘Thank God, I’m not me.’ This is the route I’ll take, both the ‘thank God’ as this talk will draw on the resources of Christian theology and the ‘I’m not me’ as I’ll suggest that ‘I’ am not the final answer to the question ‘Who am I?’


27/10/2017Round Church Talks
Jon Thompson portrait
Virtues in a Virtual World: An Ancient Solution to a Modern Problem

For all the breadth of information and entertainment the virtual world provides, it is difficult for moderns to shake the sense that it also reflects our increasing lack of moral depth and wisdom. Jon Thompson discusses several virtues and how they might help us recover depth of character in a shallow age.


12/02/2016Round Church Talks
Sexual Consumerism: How We Buy and Sell Ourselves

This talk looks at how the Christian sexual ethic speaks to the insecurities of the modern world.


22/01/2016Round Church Talks
Peter Saunders portrait
Abortion on Demand: A Christian Response

We apologise for the part of the recording that is silent.


27/03/2014Round Church Talks
Lady Catherwood on Wilberforce
Lady Elizabeth Catherwood recounts the story of William Wilberforce and his abolitionist colleagues whose efforts helped to bring about the abolition of the English slave trade and later the emancipation of slavery in English territories.


25/03/2007Round Church Talks
Nigel Cameron portrait
Cloning: The Global Challenge

Nigel Cameron discusses cloning during a Christian Heritage Ethics Seminar.


05/03/2005Round Church Talks
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Biomedical Nanotechnology: Prospects and Challenges

Christopher Hook discusses various prospects and challenges of biomedical nanotechnology during a Christian Heritage Ethics Seminar.


05/03/2005Round Church Talks