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    The Cost of Complacency: Are We Still Pro-Life?

    12:45 pmThe Round Church

    A talk and discussion with Denny Hertford of Vital Signs Ministries which asks the question, 'Are we still pro-life?'

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Project Abstract

Foundations seeks to outline the fundamental commitments of a Christian philosophy. We will explore questions like, how do we arrive at real knowledge? What is the nature of reality? How does a civilisation work? Developing a coherent world and life view is essential to address contemporary issues. The foundations project aims to spell out and develop some of the key intellectual commitments of a robust Christian philosophy.

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Andrew Fellows portrait
Smuggling Jesus Back into the Church: A Reformation Manifesto

The year 2017 marks the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. When the integrity of Christianity becomes eroded and compromised, is a Reformation again inevitable? As a message to the Church, this talk by Andrew Fellows explores why history follows this pattern and imagines what Reformation might look like today.


24/02/2017Round Church Talks
Andrew Fellows portrait
Me, My ‘Selfie’, and I

Humans have always acted out of self-interest. However, in the modern period this has shifted to Narcissism. The modern person tends to use reality as a mirror with everything reflected back to the self. But will this lead to a ‘sickness unto death’ like Narcissus in the ancient Greek myth? (We apologise that we did not capture the conclusion to Andrew’s talk)


16/10/2014Round Church Talks
David McIlroy portrait
Human Rights: Problem or Solution?

David McIlroy studied law at the Universities of Cambridge and Toulouse and theology at Spurgeon’s College. He is a practising barrister, and specialises in employment law and banking law. He is the author of A Biblical View of Law and Justice (2004) and of A Trinitarian Theology of Law (2009).


10/10/2013Round Church Talks