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    Join us for a Christian Heritage zoom event


    The Nuts and Bolts of How We Know:


    A conversation with author and philosopher Esther Lightcap Meek



    Monday, August 23rd at 7:30pm BST


    How does knowing really work, and why does it matter? What do most of us think knowing involves, and have we got it wrong? How does fixing our view of knowing pay off throughout our lives and work, offering healing and hope? What is it about this way of knowing that is so distinctive, different and delightful?


    Please join us as Professor Esther Lightcap Meek discusses these questions and more in conversation with Kristi Mair, and find out why Christians have the edge when it comes to knowing.


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    Red logo of the Round Church Visitor CentreBeautiful Setting for Performances

    The Round Church provides a compelling concert space. From its dramatic ambience and intimate setting to its striking architecture and naturally impressive acoustics, the building has facilitated the making of beautiful music for centuries. We welcome the opportunity to continue this tradition, and hope you will enquire about using the Round Church for your next concert, performance or theatrical production.

    Red logo of the Round Church Visitor Centre‘Iconic, Full of History & Atmosphere’

    ‘We wanted to film a promotional video for our local company in iconic buildings in Cambridge. The Round Church is a building full of history, and is well known by locals and visitors alike. For us, that weight of history and the environment within its walls were the deciding factors in our choice to film here, and the director was extremely pleased with the space. The Round Church is indeed a location where a multitude of events can be held, and its walls provide not only a beautiful aesthetic, but are also full of history and atmosphere.’  – Luis, Nanna Mexico

    Red logo of the Round Church Visitor CentreIdeal for Group Events and Meetings

    Whether you’re organising a seminar, planning a conference, or running a workshop, the Round Church may be just the sort of interesting space you’re searching for. While it may not offer state-of-the-art technological capabilities, we believe it more than makes up for it in character!

    Red logo of the Round Church Visitor CentreSeminar and Group Walk Package

    ‘The Christian Medical Fellowship takes about 20 international students from emerging national movements to Cambridge each year. Christian Heritage provides an outstanding day package, with a morning lecture on the sacred/secular divide, or the significance of worldviews. An afternoon walking tour then illustrates how Christians have shaped Western civilization for the public good. It is a great encouragement for us to boldly imitate the heroes of faith in our own generation. There is nothing quite like it. Highly recommended!’  – Dr Alex Bunn, Associate Head CMF Student Ministries

    Round Church Seating Plan

    Option 1: Event in the Round

    – Total folding chairs in round: 30

    – Total folding chairs between pillars: 50

    – Total folding chairs available: 80

    – Note: seats between pillars may have limited view

    Round Church Seating Plan

    Option 2: Event in the Chancel

    – Total folding chairs: 42

    – Total pew seating: 24

    – Note: up to 30 more folding chairs may be added in

    back with limited views of the front